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Preparing an opening act for ‘Purpose’ show

Justin Bieber is claimed to be going to use the mistakes in their life as inspiration to the opening of his Purpose tour.

Despite only being 21, Justin adjusted through a lot in the life – including several well-known relationships, numerous arrests as well as spending every day in jail.

His most up-to-date album Purpose marks his musical comeback and sold an amazing 522,000 copies in their first week of release.

Now Justin is incorporated in the midst of planning the tour for his album, which commences in Seattle on 9 March (16), and is also apparently aiming to begin proceedings using a visual display depending the various judgement errors they have made.

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

According to sources at, the competition will be treated to images of Justin falling throughout the sky, amid storms and cloud that represent his mistakes.

“A screen will demonstrate abstract visuals of Justin falling via a dark, clouded atmosphere,” an insider told the outlet from the working concept for your beginning in the show. “He will probably be screaming, reaching and maybe passing through barriers because he descends to the dark unknown.”

While viewing the intense display, audience members can even hear Justin’s voice revealing the fall she has suffered during his journey to success. The singer might have a flash of realisation which sees his path reversed, and he might be seen flying “gracefully and slowly toward the celebrities.”

At this time, Justin will ultimately make his entrance on top of the stage.

Justin has enjoyed huge success with Purpose, including the hit singles Sorry, Love Yourself and What Do You Mean?

Speaking recently about his musical inspiration, Justin insisted he’s always tried for being unique.

“I just loved to sing and work with my music,” he recalled to Britain’s OK! magazine. “I didn’t make an effort to copy anyone. I loved Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and I contacted to what Usher and Justin Timberlake achieved whenever they were young after which went on to possess even bigger careers later. That’s the style of career I’d like to obtain.”


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